Friday, 6 March 2009

Fur Hags

I was so outraged by the graffiti scrawled on MKA's star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame that to put a stop to this dehumanizing cruelty I founded a non-profit charity called SPAMKAP: Society for the Protection of Ashley and Mary Kate from Peta. Of course, we don't *know* it was them... but whoever it was, if I'd caught them doing it I would've killed and flayed them on sight and swaggered along the boulevard with their skin wrapped round my neck just to prove a point. How can we learn to respect the rights of animals if we can't respect each other, folks? So please, don't hate on MKA for being fabulous. Or you'll have SPAMKAP to answer to.

originally posted: SATURDAY, 7 FEBRUARY 2009

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